Here We Grow.

Find a vibrant community and a thriving economy in the Flagstaff Region, the perfect place to grow a business.

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Here We Grow.

Find a vibrant community and a thriving economy in the Flagstaff Region, the perfect place to grow a business.

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See how you can grow in the Flagstaff Region.

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The Flagstaff Region boasts one of the most economically competitive regions in rural Alberta, home to Alberta’s world-class energy and agricultural industries.

Flagstaff offers the best of small-town living with reasonably priced housing, a safe environment to raise a family, quality schools and access to city amenities at a small-town pace.

Small Business

The Flagstaff Region is filled with hard-working, resourceful and resilient citizens. Lower business costs and a low cost of living mean that Flagstaff benefits from a dynamic, vibrant retail and professional industry. With multiple resources and supports for small local businesses, including the Flagstaff Crafted program, Flagstaff is the perfect small community to grow — so bring your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit!

Small Business


With one million acres of fertile farmland and a temperate climate, the Flagstaff Region produces bountiful yields of wheat, canola, barley, peas, flax, oats and specialty crops with the potential to be processed locally in a low-cost business environment. An estimated 70% of the region’s total cropland has been deemed to possess high-quality soils.

Livestock is an important secondary activity, and the supply chain is well established. The Flagstaff Region offers opportunities in greenhouses, meat snacks, pulse foods, ready meats, agricultural services, craft value-added production, agritourism and farm succession.

Oil & Gas

At 11% of our labour force, the oil and gas industry is second only to the agriculture industry in the Flagstaff Region. The centrepiece of the region’s energy sector is the "Hardisty Hub" where most of Alberta’s oil production converges for transportation to energy markets throughout the continent.

Along with growing oil capacity, the Flagstaff Region offers available low-cost industrial land and access to a vast ground aquifer.

Oil and Gas

Tourism & Hospitality

Branded the “Community of communities”, Flagstaff prides itself on its 10 communities, each offering its unique set of attractions.

All told, the region is home to six heritage-based museums, four golf courses, numerous campgrounds and RV parks, unique and historic passenger train excursions and other outdoor amenities.

So, why Flagstaff?

  1. Affordable housing, lower cost of living and lower business costs compared to larger urban centres means more disposable income for residents.
  2. Access to skilled and unskilled labour, with competitive wages: 38% of workers possess a post-secondary trade or university certificate, diploma or degree.
  3. Part of a strong economic region with consistently low unemployment rates.
  4. Superb quality of life in rural and small-town settings.
  5. Plentiful access to healthcare services.

Flagstaff is the home of the entrepreneurial spirit.

Bring your small business to Flagstaff to watch it grow beyond your dreams. We stand behind our region’s makers, movers and shakers — providing support and resources to help you thrive!

Flagstaff offers numerous programs and services to the citizens and businesses of the region focusing on sustainability and community development.

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We asked, "What’s your favourite thing about running a business in the Flagstaff Region?"

Here's what current business owners have to say.

Being able to help so many local Makers get exposure for their business and products. The support from Flagstaff Crafted and the customers is truly amazing. There is no better place to live! 


Working to make small businesses viable, especially in these trying times, while making these wonderful products accessible to our rural community at a very reasonable price. 


All the support! Not just with purchasing but with encouragement and enthusiasm for all the growth my little business has experienced.


Lisa Layden, Benchmark Hearing

I am overwhelmed with support and resources. The initiatives you create with economic development boards and funding opportunities through BREOC and others are unparalleled by any other county in the area.


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